Rebelpin prize helped to create a sustainable fashion line
February 25, 2022

Interview with Tzu Chun, winner of the Public Price, Rebelpin Fashion Award 2021

How did it feel to win the Popular Prize in the Rebelpin Fashion award 2021?

  • It is my honor to win the Prize. I am so happy and also appreciate everyone who is supporting my creations all the time.

Tell us about the collection you made for Rebelpin:

  • Moderntecturenism is the name of the collection, which is combined with two words; Modernism and Architecture. The collection was inspired by the silhouette and structure of contemporary architecture. I created lots of 3-dimensional volumes such as wearable sculpture and sustainable textile weaving in every exquisite detail. Therefore, I am proud to present the first Couture collection of WENG_Studio for Rebelpin.

Did the price help you with something special?

  • Yes, the prize helps me and my brand WENG_Studio much. The prize supports my further collection and it also assists me to face environmental issues and create a sustainable fashion line in my business.

Rebelpin 2021 was a part of the project Native, what was it like to be part of the project? and what was the best thing you brought with you from that time?

  • The project is important for those emerging fashion designers, who base in Europe. During the project, we gained a lot of knowledge of how to start up your brand and get in touch with the European fashion industry. Furthermore, we also started thinking about how to treat our planet well and reduce waste and pollution when we design our collection. That is the most important topic during the project and our future.

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