The MoreTextile, Guimarães Brand company declares "war" to plastic packaging
May 21, 2019

Environmental concern has come to home textiles and MoreTextile, company present in the project Guimarães Brand, already packing their products in bags made of tissues themselves and with the same pattern. And there are more companies to follow this path in the name of sustainability.

Artur Soutinho, CEO of MoreTextile, a group that closed 2018 with a thousand employees and a turnover of 78 million euros, points out: “We have an appealing solution, which can make a set of sheets in a funny gift and we also a way to enhance the product and declare war on plastic. In practice, with this reinvention of the pack, customers increasingly sensitive, can touch and easily feel the material they buy. “

To this change of habits in the package weighed the decision of Zara Home, the largest customer group, end up with plastic bags. And the answer was creative, simple bags and others that can even be backpacks or have the set of sheets in the shape of a giant candy, as the company has recently shown at Heimtextil, the largest fair in the sector in Germany.

“We started this work with a client, but the idea is to follow the same model with the majority, which means replacing plastic for bags made in sheets game very fabric ready to be offered as a gift,” adds Artur Soutinho.

The MoreTextile presents upcycled labels, ensuring that 90% of the fibers were recycled from waste, Eco Heather, dedicated to products 100% sustainable, with reuse of the fibers, and a color palette restricted to tones of the raw material without the dyeing chemicals, and EcoDye with a dye that reduces water consumption, chemicals and energy.

“We were already working in this area, but in the last two years the issue of sustainability began to gain strength. There is a new and serious interest in sustainable solutions. New buyers value these factors in their choices and this is a form of differentiation,” he maintains.

Among the greatest challenges of the current situation, the manager points competition of Turkey, “returning in force, driven by the depreciation of its currency.” It is also attentive to the UK, which recently saw two customers went bankrupt and admits that Brexit is affecting sales. And do not forget internal competitiveness factors as the price of energy because it recorded a 12% increase in the making and that means more than 800 thousand euros per year from the costs side.

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