The Textiles Boulder, Guimarães Brand company was honored at Techtextil Innovations Awards
May 31, 2019

The Textiles Penedo, Guimarães textile company, in partnership with Sedacor, company S. Paio Oleiros cork products, has won one of the seven Techtextil Innovations Awards in Germany, putting textiles Made in Portugal on top of innovation worldwide.

The Cork.a.Tex-Yarn, a cotton thread coated cork developed by Boulder and Sedacor Textiles in collaboration with CITEVE and FEUP, was the only of the seven award-winning products highlighted by the president of the jury, the Belgian Jan Laperre in speech leading up to the awards.

“Our task is made easier if products appear as wire coated cork. Not only it is a natural product which adds to the wire insulation and thermal properties. It is also a magnificent example of circular economy as it takes advantage of cork industry waste and is an excellent example of research in the sector,” argued the president of the jury.

It is noteworthy that Guimarães textile company also entered the honor roll of the sustainability of this edition of Techtextil, the most important fair of technical textiles worldwide.