Interview: AI can propel the fashion business
March 12, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool for progress. That’s the expert’s way of describing how to use AI in the fashion segment. Used carefully and smart, AI can propel fashion into the future – as the fashion business is used to reinvent itself.

Sustainable development consultant Ellen Flybäck works with innovations and solutions towards a sustainable and circular future. Important especially now, with an urgency for a transition towards a circular economy. For example, with upcoming EU regulations on both textile waste management and sustainable practices in the textile and fashion business.

We talked to Ellen about AI and fashion. And heard more about her thoughts on AI in general…



Areas where Ellen thinks AI can improve the fashion business

·      Amplifying human production

·      Developing better working conditions

·      Handling waste management protocol

·      EU regulations response

·      Accelerating sustainable practises

·      Garment waste processing/sourcing

·      Garment defects information

·      Fashion trending and lead times

·      Design choice input and feedback

·      Design evaluation

·      Remake and redesign.

You can find Ellen at LinkedIn
Read more about Ellen on her web site (in Swedish)

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