Voting for the Rebelpin Fashion Awards
June 11, 2021

Vote for your favourite

in the Rebelpin Fashion Awards

Finally, it’s time for the final stage of the Native project, when we announce the winners in the Rebelpin Fashion Awards. And you can participate and vote too.

The Native project has over the past year supported ten young fashion designers from five different countries. The de-signers have by now presented their fashion collections, the jury has begun its deliberation and the voting period has also begun – so that all fashion lovers may vote for their favourite designs. The voting opened Thursday, June 10, and will remain open until June 30.

Gala and awards show
The winners of the Rebelpin awards will be announced at a virtual gala on Thursday July 1. Everyone can see the July 1 gala and designer show, at the website. During the gala there will also be a presentation of the two awards:
– The professional jury award, a jury of the mentors who have advised the young talents during the Native project.
– The public award, given to the collection winning the popular vote on the website.

The designers
The participants are inspired by the tradition and know-how of the companies they have collaborated with during their creative residencies. This is where they created their collections, by using innovative techniques, such as additive manufacturing and 3D technology, as well as sustainable materials and other sources of innovation. Four of the competing designers are based in Spain, one in London, two in Belgium, one in Italy, one in Holland and one in Poland. (Read more about the Native project here).

Project webinars
Online visits were organised for those who were not able to attend their residencies due to the pandemic. There were six virtual visits to the European fashion companies FOV Fabrics of Sweden, the Italian companies Artemisia, Duelegs BBF Group, Texmoda and Calze BC, and the Catalan company Gavipunt.
Several other webinars were also held during the Native project, all which were open to all the public and especially aimed towards fashion students. These webinars dealt with aspects related to commercial approaches to design and the fashion market in general, eco-design and the circular economy.

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More info:
The Native project

Leadership: Borås Stad

Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie (Lodz, Poland)

Agrupació Catalana del Tèxtil i la Moda (MODACC)

Comune di Prato