ACTE Celebrates the 2018 Annual General Meeting in Igualada (Barcelona, Spain)

On the 4th April the members of ACTE (European Textile Collectivities Association) met in the City of Igualada (Barcelona, Spain) to celebrate the Annual General Meeting of the network.

The ACTE Annual General Meeting Hosted by Igualada attracted  the presence of the majority of the Spanish members of the network, plus representatives from Belgium, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Sweden. The meeting started with the warm welcome of Mr. Marc Castells, Major of Igualada and Mrs. Àngels Chacón, the Vice-Mayor, as hosts of the meeting.

During the Annual General Meeting, chaired by the President of ACTE Mr. Ulf Olsson, An annual and economical report was presented. The members got an updates about Rebelpin Fashion Awards by ACTE, which will have the final on the 3-7 July in Berlin, in the context of the Berlin Fashion Week and which will count with a jury of top professionals in the fashion industry.

The members of the Annual General meeting approved the new board as following:

  • President: Mr. Ulf Olsson (City of Borås)
  • Executive Secretary: Mr. Joaquim Couto (AMAVE)
  • Treasurer: Mr. António Quintão (AMAVE)
  • Vice-president of Belgium: Mr. Michel Franceus (IEG Mouscron)
  • Vice-president of Italy: Mrs. Daniela Toccafondi (City of Prato)
  • Vice-president of Poland: Mr. Krzysztof Piątkowski (City of Łódź)
  • Vice-president of Portugal: Mr. Joaquim Couto (AMAVE)
  • Vice-president of Spain: Mrs. Àngels Chacón (City of Igualada)
  • Vice-president of Sweden: Mr. Ulf Olsson / Mrs. Annette Carlson (City of Borås)


The Executive Committee of the network had the first meeting of the year in the same dates. Several decisions for the future of the network were taken in the meeting, such as the renovation of the Statutes as well as the election of the member in charge of the coordination of the European Projects Working Group, the Spanish adherent member Fitex. 

The Annual General Meeting also gave all members an introduction about the local culture. The attendants were invited to see a rehearsal of Moixiganguers d’Igualada, the human towers association of the city.

The ACTE members approved the place and timing of the next Annual General meeting of the network that will be celebrated in the city of Borås (Sweden) on April 2019.

For more information please contact ACTE coordinator:

Nelly Hayek: nelly@acte.net | +46 (0)708357153