Native contest ACTE


The 15 designers that will participate in the Rebelpin final will showcase their creations to a European Jury.

  • The winner chosen by the Jury
    will receive an award of 5000 €
  • The winner voted by the public
    will receive an award of 2000 €

In addition
Every finalist will be compensated with an amount of 300 € for travel and accommodation costs by ACTE. The prize of the contest guarantees media visibility for the contestant’s on professional level.

In collaboration with NATIVE project
The finalists will have the chance to participate in activities introducing them to important topics and give them the opportunity to create future relations with the best of the industry experts and established businesses. Activities and opportunity to produce their collection.

This includes:

  • Coaching and advice activities to the selected young designers in Lodz, Poland.
  • Organization of creative residencies to develop prototypes or small scale collections in Italy.
  • Organization of a catwalk to showcase the creations by the selected young designers.
  • Local exhibitions in Spain.

Read more on the project page: NATIVE