Vote for the Rebelpin Fashion Awards 2021

A total of ten designers (with nine competition entries) participate in the Native project Rebelpin fashion awards 2021.
The final where all designers show their creations is streamed live on July 1, 2021. Below you can vote online for your favourite collection.

How to vote

Below each designers name you find a vote button.
You can only vote once, as all IP-addresses and origin is tracked in the background – to prevent any kind of misconduct. But you can cast a vote on more than one designer.
To make it a surprise on the final day, we’ve decided to hide the numbers of votes each designer get.

Where can you see the show?

You will find the live stream links on this page a few days before the final (July 1).
The stream links will also be published (and streamed) on the ACTE Facebook page.

Lourdes Bernabé


Brand name: Bélous

With her fairly new brand Lourdes wants to investigate her personal interest in different visons of art, turning it into fashion. Street wear and antifashion are the result, using modern techniques such as 3D printing and reused fabrics. The garments are non-gender, with a proposal of new shapes and material use.


Creations of Lourdes Bernabé

Kasia Sylwia Wójcik


Brand name: Cathy Silvia Voget

Kasia is a multidisciplinary artist, fashion & graphic designer. She focuses her collection on the idea of “desert”, linked to the disaster in the oceans due to oil emissions. With a blend of modern techniques and traditional materials Kasia work with manipulation of the fabrics: smocking structural patterns, pleating, macrame and structural knitting, to mention a few.

Instagram:  @cathy_silvia_voget


Creations of Kasia Sylwia Wójcik

Lisa Ivarsson


Brand name: Lisa Ivarsson Studio

Lisa is a fashion and print designer. With a background in many different companies and countries, she offers design solution for both fashion and graphic design. Lisa uses patterns a lot and feels that the combination of design and patterns will lead her into almost anything. Recently it’s been marbling, a traditional Turkish artform, That inspired her to new patterns. She is also keen to build her own brand.

Instagram: @lisa_ivarsson_studio


Creations of Lisa Ivarsson

Camila Banegas


Brand name: Alimac

Camila describes her design as “the evolution of the moon”. She is always looking for a renewal in her collection and once the cycle has passed, she says she starts again but, in another way.
– Just like the moon and its different phases, she says.
Colours and structures shape her design.

Instagram: @alimac_design

Facebook: alimacFashion

Creations of Camila Banegas

Silvia Parapar


Brand name: Sel Parapar

Silvia calls herself an upcycling designer, using old materials and natural dyes. Her design includes a whole lot of knitting, mainly to achieve volume and depth. She also like to combine plain fabrics as well as used garments to create a structural design that resembles 3D printing. She is also open to the use of other, non-traditional materials, such as old newspapers and metal plate.

Instagram: @selparapar

Vimeo portfolio: Sel Parapar

Creations of Silvia Parapar

Marc Pengel


Brand name: Martha

Marc designs clothes for women, often with strong patterns and a conscious blend of traditional fabrics and reused materials. With a cultural background from the Caribbean island of Curacao, he’s used to the idea of reuse and to manipulate whatever you’ve got at hand, to make new things. His approach to both art and design is based on the idea that “new” is only limited by your own mind.

Instagram: @marcmartha_


Creations of Marc Pengel

Weng Tzu Chun


Brand name: Weng studio

Tzu Chun wants to create a new style in fashion, based on logical and geometrical silhouettes. By adopting the Bauhaus philosophy and design concept of the architecture industry, he wants to balance modernism, functionalism, and genderlessness in all of his design. He also is committed to zero production waste, using the left-over fabrics from pattern cutting as he reweaves them into desired pieces of textile.

Instagram: @weng_studio


Creations of Weng Tzu Chun

Linus Leonardsson


Brand: Linus Leonardsson

Linus collections are centred around the concept of deconstruction of gender expectations within fashion. His work aims at pushing towards a fully sustainable industry, in terms of social and environmental responsibility – all with a hint of glamour. The core purpose is to create a fantasy for a new generation of aesthetic revolutionaries, never forgetting about the important social issues that lies in the very core of the brand.

Instagram: @linusleonardsson


Creations of Linus Leonardsson

Núria Costa Ginjuame/Ane Castro Sudupe


Brand name: Zer Collection

The two designers Nuria and Ane have with the ZER Collection revolutionised the Spanish fashion scene, using for example 3D-printing in their designs. This both accelerates the production rate and significantly reduces waste. Sustainability is important to ZER, and they also use recycled materials.

Instagram: @zercollection

Youtube: ZER Collection

Creations of Núria Costa Ginjuame/Ane Castro Sudupe