Last years (2019) finalists

Aleksandra Jendryka, Poland

“REBUBBLE” inspired by the Chinese culture and the urban style of Asian metropolises. “Rebubble” is a set of my personal memories and inspirations collected during studies and travels in China. The collection is a unique, hand-made, created in the spirit of recycling. I’ve chosen mainly white fabrics and used different techniques to modify and transform them to new forms.

Aleksandra Jendryka –  fashion designer from Poland. I specialize in creating unique elements of hand-made clothing from normal fabrics, but using a variety of fabric manipulation techniques.

Carolina Rönnberg, Sweden

Carolina has a passion for detailed surfaces, alternative ideas and refined handiwork. In her search of imaginative, earthfriendly ways of making wearable expressions, brave silhouettes & sculpted structures come to life through 

material manipulation & experiments bearing the visible conflict of decorative imperfections. Thus working toward establishing ‘conscious couture’ through the brand WILHJA.

Chelsea Flinn, England

My collection is a juxtaposition of tailoring, utility wear and streetwear featuring elements of 3D pattern cutting and concertina laser cutting. 

My research began on the streets of London where I went to visit the cultural streets of urban art. I found graffiti such an exciting platform for my collection, propelling my inspiration 

to use an expressive marble print within my designs. Creating my own graffiti experiments developed the silhouettes of my designs.

Eli del Oro, Spain

The process of creation starts from within.
Eli del Oro breaks the rules of gender. An eclectic designer who transmits freedom and fantasies by mixing eras, styles and fabrics in his garments. Creating an avant-garde, chic and baroque style.

Lifeblood is a scream from Mother Nature to humanity: no more exploitation of resources, yes to Upcycling.
The three looks are Haute Couture made of second-hand apparel.

Esther Carril, Spain

The roots in us.
I observe nature. The beginning. The beginning of who we are. I come to the conclusion that everything is perfect and imperfect at the same time. That everything that surrounds us is beauty, delightfulness and ephemeral nature. I’m inspired 

by its textures, its movement and evolution. I use its roots and flowers to dye and build imperfect volumes, which change and transform with the movement. Each pieces will be unique, beautifully imperfect and impossible to recreate.

Maria Molina, Spain

Rain dust
My inspiration starts in a mermaid that spends the winters out of the water and survive an urban jungle. One day you have to leave everything you have and leave your home. Face a place you don’t know a language you don’t speak a culture that you don’t understand and fight to survive. Tricot garments with rhinestones, salmon skin and die-cut fabrics are the most important fabrics in this collection.

All the polyester fabrics are made with recycled plastic of the Mediterranean Sea. The yarn is made with recycled plastic bottles. All woolen garments are hand woven. And the rest of 

the fabrics used are 100% natural like a mohair, salmon skin, silk.
The silhouette of the models is inspired by the contrast between nature and urban. This collection has an Eco-friendly philosophy. And respectful of the environment. The jewels of the collection are made with ceramic inspired by organic shapes.

Maria Szolc, Poland

I am a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Studying here helped me to forge my thinking about design. The route which I have taken to design my projects is to harm the environment as little as possible. In the process of making 

current collection I used recycled textiles which symbolise patterns that trash makes in urban area. That also allowed to mitigate amount of textile waste.

Mónica Águas Gonçalves, Portugal

“The Knitted Cork was the aim tailored by dissatisfaction with the use of such noble and iconic material.”
Casa GRIGI is standing out for the pioneering use of Cork yarn and knitted cork.

Casa GRIGI was born with this innovation, mixing the values of tradition, ecology, sustainability and the desire to bring design to cork and cork to a plural place closer to the consumer, through clothing.” The essence of what we do has become the dream of many – a contagious strength.”

Rita Sá, Portugal

“RITA SÁ is a men and womenswear brand apparel that stands out for the development of monochromatic collections, contemporary and timeless clothing, with a strong sense of individuality.”

“In blacksmith’s house, wood skewer” is the motto for the FW19/20 collection, which describes someone who has a particular skill but who doesn’t take advantage of it for himself. In an urban jungle where people choose to live fast, each 

individual reveals zeal and effort when making things for others, and as a result, lack of time and patience to make the same things for themselves.
In fact, the individual from the collection doesn’t feel like he is a priority, so he prefers to avoid the trouble of taking advantage of what he’s capable of doing.
In the absence of better solutions, he must settle with less effective solutions.

ZER Collection, Spain

“ZER Collection use the 3D printer and other digital manufacturing techniques to develop the garments generating the minimum waste. 

We have taken an interest in using new technologies to make viable a more sustainable and conscious fashion. One of our 

fabrics is fully innovative in the 3D printing world. It is created 100% by the machine conserving the conventio¬nal fabric’s properties.

Our endgame is to be able to produce a urban design that is functional at the same time.”