Our misson, passion and endeavour. Our story.

Designer: Weng Tzu chun

What we do

Through ACTE, you connect to people and ideas. Together, we share experiences and insights to inspire individuals, industries and territories to improve and develop. Aways with the overall aim to have a better and more creative future.

We believe in collaboration, founded on the inheritance of European textile industry, aiming at creating the fabrics of the future. Networking is key to us at ACTE, as we believe that sharing methodology, ideas and innovation will make us well prepared to meet future challenges.

Stronger together
As a collaborative organisation we are stronger. ACTE also makes our mutual industry better well-known in the general mind, thus reassuring that we have a natural place in peoples’ minds, as they make purchasing decisions.
Together we inspire, support and encourage each other. As our industry is going through a much-needed development in digitalisation, we make sure that good practices are shared, for the sake of mutual benefit.

A voice of progress
Together we can not only inspire others, we can also make sure that our voice is heard by politicians, policymakers and those that shape the framework of where we work and live. ACTE is the member’s voice of progress, and an arena where the European textile, clothing, leather, footwear and fashion accessories industries meet – to create the fabrics of the future.