Companies of Native

Benefiting from designer talents

When you choose to be a designer partner in the Native project, you offer your expertise and experience to guide our Native designers. In a digital residency you and your company will help to develop and produce the collection of the designer.

In short, the Native program promotes designer’s integration in fashion sector SMEs. From the beginning we meant for the designers to have in-person residencies at your company for three days. Now (due to Covid-19), the residency will be digital and conducted through video and other technical means. No matter the residency solution, all expenses are paid for by the Native project.

Support and mentoring
Designers also have a mentor, that also acts as a company contact person. This mentor facilitates the designer, so that he or she may develop their collection. The overall aim is to make the collection market adapted. The residency program also includes access to your in-house knowledge and production.

Inspirational benefits
Having a talented designer close to your production will hopefully be a benefit for you, bringing a new creative approach to design and to the organisation. If you choose to, there’s also a possibility of further cooperation with the designer. And there are more benefits:
– media exposure
– visibility on ACTE channels
– free of charge membership in friends of ACTE network.

The Native project is co-funded by the European Union’s “Creative Europe” program.

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