How ACTE is put together

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Our organisation

ACTE is a network of some 30 municipalities around Europe, representing a population of about 2.000.000 inhabitants. These cities and territories all have a strong relationship to and a strong urge in developing the textile and fashion industry.

The ACTE network also include organisations such as colleges and universities, development agencies, textile research institutes, designers, and more – all related to the textile industry. Our members bring different dimensions to the network. We all strive for the evolution of the textile and fashion industry, aiming for the development of a healthy and prosperous segment of business.

The organisation is led by an executive committee and the presidential seat and staff is elected for three years at a time. All members meet annually, at the ACTE Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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City of Borås
Kungsgatan 55
501 80 Borås

Contact information


Ulf Olsson Borås
Mr. Ulf Olsson
Borås City Council

Contact person

Nelly Hayek
Mrs. Nelly Hayek
ACTE Coordinator


Câmara Municipal de Santo Tirso

Praça 25 de Abril, 4780-373. 
Santo Tirso, Portugal

Contact person

Mrs. Vera Araújo


The ACTE organisation keeps data for its members and collaborators. The personal data that the organisation manages is:

– email address
– telephone number/fax
– mobile phone number
– adress/post-box address of the offices and headquarters of our institution members
– photos (that members provide us).

The personal data that ACTE keeps was provided by the members, as they applied for membership. In other cases, the members provide updates of the contact details or the contact details of people in the organisation for certain purposes, such as attendance to meetings or collaboration in projects.

The personal data stored by ACTE has the following purpose:

Informing members about projects, activities and the meetings they are entitled to attend to.
Sharing news related to the network through the ACTE newsletter.
Communication of the ACTE annual fees (call and receipt).
Therefore, the data is currently stored by:

ACTE Presidency: Borås Stad (Sweden)
ACTE Treasury: Santo Tirso (Portugal)

National Vice-presidencies:
Belgium (IEG Mouscron)
Italy (Comune di Prato)

Portugal (Santo Tirso)
Spain (Ajuntament d’Igualada)
Sweden (Borås Stad)

The Presidency office is in charge of the administration of the personal data and coordinates the updating of the contact information for the rest of members. Occasionally, the Presidency office can provide contact details of the ACTE members to other ACTE members, with the purpose of facilitation their collaboration in joint projects in the framework of the ACTE network.

When applying for membership, new members have the option to accept receiving the ACTE newsletter or not. At the same time, new members will be informed of the purpose of storing their contact details.

Members can at any time unsubscribe from the ACTE newsletter by using the unsubscribe button in the newsletter email.

The email addresses and the telephone numbers of the contact person and the representative of each ACTE member institution will be eliminated from the ACTE files, when they send their official resignation and/or the members of ACTE ratify their withdrawal from the network in the General Annual meeting. Nevertheless, general telephone numbers and general email of the institution might continuously be stored in the ACTE databases, as these are public data.

If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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