Jury and evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria are the following.
1. Authenticity and originality
2. Design concept and quality
3. Vision and fashion factor
4. Pattern construction
5. Creativity and craftsmanship
6. Potential for commercial production
7. Overall stylistic concept
8. Theme

These criteria will guide the jury in the evaluation of the collections. Members of the jury nominate the 10 best collections from all correctly submitted applications.

The jury reserves the right to accentuate or add to these criteria due to circumstances. To help them make their decision, the jury members may involve independent experts. However, these experts have only an advisory function.  The jury members decide by a simple majority vote. 

The jury selects the winners. The jury’s decision is final. All jury members will be announced soon. 

Genderless, anywhere, anytime
You can make your own interpretation of the theme, only your imagination is the limit. In this theme the designer will present three outfits.

Jury decision

  • The jury members decide by a simple majority vote.
  • The jury selects the winners.
  • The jury’s decision is final.

Presentation of Rebelpin jury 2022


Anna Appelqvist

Founder and Creative Director of Belatres studio

Anna is the founder and creative director of Belatre’s studio, a design company that creates tailor-made wallpapers of high-quality and unique design.
Anna has 20 years of experience in purchasing and fashion design. In her previous position as Brand Director at Gina Tricot, the main goal was to introduce the company to the next generation retail / Omni. With extensive experience in product development and design, Anna always worked with the design team. Anna is a mentor to many designers and entrepreneurs in fashion and design. A curious person who is always looking for new challenges.


Nuria Neira


For 12 years Nuria Neira manages Trade Marketing and Training departments in beauty firms such as PUPA Milano and BOURJOIS.
In 2016, founds her own Consulting Firm specialized in Marketing, Communication and Strategic Distribution services for emerging and sustainable fashion and beauty projects, being the first Spanish Consulting Firm specialized on this type of projects.
In the last 6 years, she has promoted more than 40 fashion and beauty brands.
Over the last 20 years she has published numerous articles for marketing, fashion and beauty platforms. In 2019 she published her first book, in 2020 the second


Ada Grudzińska-Pham

Designer and teacher

Adrianna Grudzińska-Pham is a fashion designer and an art enthusiast. Since 2012 she has been a lecturer at the Fashion Institute, the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, where she has been running a Fashion Design Studio. She supports and leads students with their design tasks and diploma fashion collections, in both practical and theoretical ways. For several years she has been involved in many art and fashion events and exhibitions that connect people from different fields and countries.
Her great passion is directing fashion shows and catwalk lights, therefore she is also a director of the competition “Diploma Gala of the Fashion Institute” at the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, and other fashion shows related to the academic community.


Małgorzata Czudak

Clothing designer and teacher

Małgorzata Czudak is a clothing designer and teacher that is passionate about fashion and design. She skillfully combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, acquired during cooperation with clo-pjim öik8 bnkthing companies. She shares her experience with students of the Studio of Clothing 240 /Fashion Institute/ – Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.
For several years, she has been preparing her own collections signed with the M CZUDAK brand. She is a minimalist by choice, and reduces unnecessary elements. She values traditional crafts and manual work. Her clothes are designed with pleasure for the pleasure of the people wearing them.
Małgorzata is also a fashion show director and organizes student fashion shows. She is a juror in competitions for fashion designers or design areas like Golden Thread, Institute of Industrial Design – DOBRY WZÓR and of course Rebelpin.


Manuel Serrão


Manuel is an entrepreneur in the area of consultancy, public relations, organization of fairs, namely events related to fashion, press and internet, congresses, exhibitions, parties, shows, festivals, etc. Manuel is a former Vice-President of A.N.J.E- National Association of Young Entrepreneurs 6 years, with Portugal Fashion, today he is a consultant for this project. He is responsible for the organization of Porto Fashion Week that includes events as the only national trade fair of European fabrics and accessories and Portuguese confection- MODTISSIMO (60 editions), Porto Fashion Film Festival, iTechtextile Innovation Business Forum and Porto Fashion Week’s Night Out.


Roberto Corbelli


He has a vast range of experience in different areas such as Fashion Food Furniture and Sustainability. Creator of RMI, Ricerca Moda Innovazione (1991) Italy – Annual Event of CNA Federmoda. An event that has involved many important international designers and businesses over the years: Alberta Ferretti, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Elio Fiorucci, Antonio Marras, Maurizio Galante, Gay Mattiolo, Max Mara, Raffaella Curiel, Sarli, Guliermo Mariotto for Gattinoni, Stephan Janson, Deanna Ferretti Veroni, Egon von Furstemberg, Tivioli, Enrico Coveri and others.

  • 10 YEARS OF FASHION with Deanna Borghi (CITGER) and Rudi Faccin Von Steidl (Harper’s Bazaar).
  • 10 YEARS OF GLAMOR with Felice Perini ad Glamour magazine italian edition.
  • L’ISOLA DELLE MODE – Exhibition of young designer clothes in the best boutique windows – viale Ceccarini Riccione (8 editions).
  • RICCIONE PREVIEW (2010/2012) – design and fashion event involving leading emerging italian designers, promoting fashion trends and sustainable fashion, design and architecture.