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Borås: ACTE President and Vice-presidency of Sweden Borås is becoming everyday a more vibrant and dynamic city with a beautiful countryside right next doors. Founded in 1621, Borås started to develop a textile industry in the middle of the 19th century. There were textile industries and cotton factories in every neighbourhood. This, in combination with a history of trade, is the reason that Borås has a vast majority of all Swedish mail order companies.

The textile heritage is an important part in the identity of the city Borås, home for textile production for almost 100 years. Textile Fashion Center represents a creative centre for science, culture, innovation and business, mainly within textiles but also within other areas, a meeting point for creative businesses within textile, fashion and design.

Textile Fashion Center includes a range of independent companies that come together in a textile cluster. Here you find potential for new businesses, companies, products and research, but also education and collaboration between culture and academia.

Textile Fashion Center

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Vice presidency

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Mrs. Nelly Hayek
Nelly Hayek
+46 33 35 71 33


Mayor Ulf Olsson

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Borås Kungsgatan 55, 50180 Borås