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Comune di Montemurlo

Montemurlo is an old city, situated in Tuscany, the centre part of Italy. People have been living here at least since 5000 BC. The first record of the city is from 1019 AD.

Today this is an industrious area, much thereof is within textile sector. This area has still preserved its ancient bond with nature, with a certain sensitivity towards it. Together with Prato and Vaiano, Montemurlo has promoted the creation  of the beautiful protected area of ​​Monteferrato; a green oasis that has now become a common heritage.

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Annamaria Maffettone
+39 (574) 558217-213


Mayor Simone Calamai
+39 (574) 558217

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Via Montalese 472-474, 59013 Montemurlo