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Marketplace Borås is a joint venture between several partners, including the regional industry. With a common platform and business arena, Marketplace Borås creates venues and tools for collaboration together with the University of Borås, the Swedish School of Textiles, Nordic School of Design, professional organisations, the city of Borås and the industry. Together we work to improve our position within the textile, fashion and design industry. Here both new and well-established companies are working alongside each other, and an unique mixture of experience and creative ideas is created.

TEX! by Marketplace Borås is a platform for the textile business community in western Sweden. Our purpose is to work to generate business benefits for Marketplace Borås members. It's also to strengthen Swedish fashion, textiles and design by creating physical and digital meeting places,  where our members can take part in the latest in textiles and fashion and share experiences with industry colleagues.

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Pierre Rosengren
Pierre Rosengren, MarketPlace Boras
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Pierre Rosengren

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Skaraborgsvägen 3A Textile Fashion Center