Lutz Walter on how to prosper
How to prosper when the business road becomes bumpier
July 12, 2023

A portrait of Lutz Walter, secretary general of Textile ETP. He is interviewed on a disruptive decade ahead of us.
Lutz Walter.

Being in the textile and fashion business can sometimes be challenging. Therefore, the most recent article in ACTE’s “Insights & Inspiration” is an interview on how to find solutions and how to prosper. Lutz Walter, Secretary General of Textile ETP, is telling us more on what to do. You can find the article here (click).

ACTE Insights & Inspiration is growing. Since it’s beginning in April, there is today a total of 13 articles written. Many of the articles are about textile waste management, but there are also other topics covered. The latest one is about how you can thrive, in a tougher business setting. For example, Lutz Walter gives you examples on principles that you may apply. Read more here.

And, of course, there are interesting articles in our Insights & Inspiration segment, here on the website. You can see them here (click).