Apply and benefit from an incubator programme
September 23, 2019
3rd call to apply is now open! It closes 31st of october 2019.
WORTH Partnership Project is a European Union project implemented by a consortium of enterprises with complementary expertise in providing support to SMEs and start-ups. WORTH is led by the Textile Technology Institute AITEX along with KEPA, IED, DAG Communication and AA Franzosi with the core belief that creative industries (SMEs and start-ups) are key drivers of economic growth in Europe.
Every creative person, designer, artisan, startup, technology company and SME manufacturer from the fashion and consumer goods industry (fashion/textile, footwear, furniture/home decoration, leather/fur, jewellery, accessories), actively looking for new opportunities to exploit ideas and fashionable concepts with a high degree of design, innovation, disruption and integration of new technologies, can apply to be a part of WORTH Partnership Project by submitting their idea or project proposal, showing a keen interest to connect, create and innovate on a transnational basis.
Once selected, participants will be supported in matching with the best partners for them, to develop their concepts and make their idea real.
Application intakes will occur from 2017 to 2020, aiming to support 150 design-driven and innovative/disruptive partnership projects.