Friends of ACTE: Openings for the opposite
November 9, 2023

Competing in the Rebelpin has always been about testing boundaries. Or, more truthful, to adapt to modern trends and fashion. And, always reinventing it. Julia Åsberg is a good example of a RebelPin alumna that has found her distinct own expression.

Julia was one of the final ten designers in the 2022 Rebelpin fashion awards, with the final award show in Portugal.
– The “Rebelpin fashion awards” is a nice opportunity for designers to showcase their collections in an international context. You get to connect with possible business partners and meet industry people that can get you tips on how to move forward.

From the show for Julia’s third collection for the brand STHLM MISC.

Julia had already established her own brand, prior to the Rebelpin she was part of. STHLM MISC came about out of a question Julia asked herself: “Why doesn’t unisex have as much heritage from womenswear as menswear?”.

STHLM MISC opens for the opposite.

Her brand shows fashion taking a stand in feminist and queer politics, breaking bonds with gender norms. STHLM MISC is a tribute to those who fall outside the framework, who refuse to be categorised – the miscellaneous.

Moving forward
– I’m working on my fourth collection for my non-binary brand STHLM MISC. We recently opened our web shop, where we are offering garments made only from deadstock fabrics (note… reuse of earlier unsold clothes and textiles).

STHLM MISC, designs from Julia’s third collection.

– Some garments are kept on small stock, but some are made to order. We want to work sustainably and by offering made-to-order we don’t produce more than we sell.

Why Julia’s a designer
– Being a woman that never felt quite girly, but not that boyish either made me interested in unisex at an early age. Clothing might be the most accessible way to express your identity, but the fashion world is still very binary when it comes to menswear/womenswear. That, is what STHLM MISC is to challenge. In my opinion most unisex or gender fluid brands pay more attention to male attributes than female. STHLM MISC opens for the opposite, Julia Åsberg finishes.

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