Friends of ACTE: Sustainable clothes in challenging times
November 27, 2023

– My ACTE mentors and project coordinator from Academy of The Fine Arts Lodz were very supportive. I hold huge appreciation for their help and mentorship. Thanks to the project, I was able to have plenty further business and career opportunities connected to my project theme.

The words from Kasia Sylwia Wójcik are telling us about how it was to participate in the RebelPin Fashion Awards, while the Covid-19 pandemic raged. An experience that was challenging, both for ACTE and for the participants. Most of the event associated with RebelPin was this year held digitally, without any meetups. Kasia tells us more about here experience.
– During the project I had a possibility to create a collection using innovative fabrics, substituting natural leather. At the same time, I could gain more knowledge about this specialised field of fashion. I’m thankful that I was offered to cooperate and talk to many high fashion directors, managers, and heads of design across Europe. A special thanks, as this also provided me a chance to help to make changes in Polish fashion industry too.

Working with substitutes
– Part of my goal was to be one of the first to fully make a collection out of natural leather substitute – made from pineapple leaves. At the time, most of the leather substitutes in fashion were mostly used only for accessories and shoes. I tested different kinds of substitutes to see how they could be used in a complete collection. If it was possible to fully eliminate animal leather. The pineapple material came from Spanish Ananas Anam, me using leftovers and end off rolls. I had to work with materials in odd shapes and sizes, putting together my high fashion patchwork collection.
– Another goal was to use silk made from oranges, made by the only existing manufacturer –by Orange Fiber from Sicily, Italy. The idea was to use 3D printing that could be reused and recycled again. But unfortunately, during the pandemic this was not possible, as shipments as well as production was stopped. ACTE was very helpful in understanding the circumstances and allowed a fabric change. In the end I used silk from the only Polish natural silk manufactory – Jedwab Milanówek.

Supporting creativity
– Projects like the ACTE RebelPin Awards supports creativity. Our designs became a mix of wearables, somewhere between arts and fashion – with sustainability stage centre. ACTE offered an open space for the designer to choose their own designer path. It feels like it’s up to us which way to choose. The one of us that stay on the creative and sustainability track after the project ended might have a tough trail to walk. But I think that someday this might be even more rewarding.

Multiple partners
After the ACTE Rebelpin Fashion Awards, Kasia became the Acting Head Designer of woman’s wear for Vistula, one of the most well-known fashion premium brands in Poland. During her tenure there she also had the opportunity to work and design aviation uniforms for Polish National Airlines Lot. She was also a part of the design team for Poland’s participation in the FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup.
She has been in multiple awards shows and been presented in several fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Elle, Twoj Styl Magazine, Woman’s Health, Man’s Health, and Glamour – to name a few. Her designs for Vistula also received the most prestigious award of Poland: the Doskonałość Mody, Twój styl Magazine Award 2022.

In 2023 Kasia entered the Challenge X, supported by Graduate Fashion Foundation in London. Because of this, she could join the Fashion Show in Paris, where she presented looks made from Italian premium wools and natural silks. A work process that allowed her to strengthen her international network. Her work was featured in several Italian, French, Spanish, German, and UK publications. Kasia received a lot of positive reviews on her collection.

Networking into fashion
During 2023 Kasia had the possibility to interact and network with leading people of many different companies in the fashion industry. These connections include names such as Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen.
In July Kasia took part in Finals of Polish OFF FASHION international design award competition with sustainable collection called Puzzels. Here she focused on a 3D-reducing sampling technology, cactus leather and several upcycling methods. She was chosen to be in designers the final 10 and presented her final look in National TV’s fashion programme Top Model.
She has received much acclaim on her Cathy Silvia Voget brand, her fashion designs, and overall skills. This has pushed her to closer focusing on her own brand development.

Timeless and multifunctional
– My goal as a designer is to present timeless still on trend collections. Garments and collections that can create a simple or avantgarde look. Designs where each piece can be fully wearable by itself or as part of a set.
– I’m going to work on my e-commerce Hopefully my design aesthetics, process and approach will find a wide and open customer approval and love, helping me to lead my brand/fashion house on the international scene.

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