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Interview: "No one can stand alone"
December 8, 2023

It’s possible to create a sustainable and prosperous future, if we work together. Collaborations, strategic partnerships and sharing smart solutions with each other is the way forward. At least, that’s what the managing director of the Nordic Textiles Academy pleads.

ACTE has interview one of our members/partners in the network. The NTA (Nordic Academy of Textiles) in Borås, is supporting the network with training, skilling, and re-skilling, as a HVE (Higher Vocational Education). Here, many different experts in the textile and fashion industry in Sweden and beyond get their training. This includes designers, buyers & purchasers, textile technicians and process operators, production developers etc.
In close cooperation with the industry, the NTA trains individuals and supply companies with the necessary skills. Christian Lundell is the managing director of the NTA.
– We need to collaborate, he says.

Christian talks about collaboration as the most natural word. This way we can handle the challenges we are facing.
– We don’t need to invent the wheel every time, Christian says.

Sharing is caring
Christian talks a lot about the importance of sharing knowledge. But withing the industry itself, but also in his own business, education.
Working with an organisation as ACTE is a natural thing, Christian says. Today’s business is something that most of the time goes beyond borders. Acte is a good way to find collaborators all over Europe.

Students: part the industry
To Christian and his colleagues at the NTA, it’s a given to work with and inside the textile and fashion industry.
– Our students need to understand the needs and wants of the industry, just as much as we as an organisation needs to understand the competence needs of our partners.

Watch more:
Christian on the purpose of the NTA, and why they cooperate with the industry.

Facts about NTA
The Nordic Textile Academy is a hub for education and competence in textiles and fashion. In close cooperation with the industry, the NTA trains individuals and supply companies with skills. With NTA, people who want to develop in the textile and fashion of the future get the skills they need to be able to contribute to a viable and long-term industry. Most students that attend the school are picked up by the industry, shortly after exam.

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