The TIPO project in Prato, Italy
Italy: Storytelling to connect heritage with the future
May 16, 2023

Fabbriche raccontano storie – Factories tell stories. That’s the core message of the TIPO project in Italian Prato. Telling stories that combine heritage with a strong faith in the future, with tourism as the conveyor.

– With the TIPO project we can communicate better, our textile district, to Europe and to the world.

Assessore Gabrieli Bosi - Prato counsellor, responsible for services for citizens, heritage, and tourism
Assessore Gabriele Bosi – Prato counsellor, responsible for services for citizens, heritage, and tourism

The Italian acronym TIPO stands for Industrial Tourism in Prato. The project brings a new type of tourism to the Prato area, well known for its textile manufacturing history. With the slogan “Factories tell stories”, Prato aims to attract national and international tourism to the still operating industries.

Enhancing local history
TIPO aims at letting the manufacturing sites “talk”, to inspire tourism, and to take a place in modern society. All to show how the textile industry has evolved into a natural part of the everyday life. Through TIPO visitors can at weekends see, experience, and get insights of the living history of the local textile and fashion industries.

“Factories tell stories”

A big part of the Prato soul lays within textile manufacturing – as the economic and cultural driver. Its history, industrial sites, and the obvious connection to the development of the territory is a resource. It’s a living history as the Prato industries of today are international leaders in their segments. Modern companies, with up-to-date productions, adapted to today’s demands for sustainable, environmentally safe processes.

Assessore Gabriele Bosi is the Prato counsellor, responsible for services for citizens, heritage, and tourism. To him, the TIPO project is very important.

Modelling industrial tourism
The TIPO project also aims at becoming a reference model for industrial tourism in Tuscany, Italy. As well as for other European areas.

TIPO is promoted by the Municipality of Prato, the Textile Museum, the CDSE Foundation – Centre for Historic Ethnographic Documentation, Municipalities of Cantagallo, Carmignano, Poggio a Caiano, Montemurlo, Vaiano, Vernio. TIPO also collaborates with ACTE, Visit Tuscany, and Prato Turismo.
The TIPO project is normally conducted in the winter half of the year, from the month of September through April. It totals more than 20 different events, including guided visits, evening shows and family activities. So far (since the start in 2021) there has been a great response. For example, the web page had more than 10.000 visits in 2021 and at the Prato Tourismo Facebook page had some 3.000 followers in the end of 2021.

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