Modaac: The transition continues 2024
February 22, 2024

The MODACC Catalan Fashion Cluster continues its collaborative projects, building the basis for a strong textile and fashion industry in Europe, Spain, and Catalonia. For the new year of 2024, this means participating in three major European projects.

The three larger European projects MODAAC is part of are

  • the Transitions project
  • the Fashion Forward project
  • the CRAFT-IT 4SD project.

The Transitions project aims at rethinking the training system of professional and higher education in the field of design professionals.
The Fashion Forward project is focused on the new European legislative changes in the field of textile waste management.
The CRAFT-IT 4SD (Craft revitalisation Action for future-proofing the transition to innovative technologies for sustainable development) aims at supporting the transition towards the circular economy to companies and artisans in the design industries sector in European territories rich in cultural heritage and textile traditions.

The key of adaptation
These initiatives place the Catalan Fashion cluster as one of the key European agents, supporting the sustainable transformation of the fashion industry. Especially when it comes to the development and use of innovative knowledge and tools.

National projects too
Beyond the three larger projects, the Catalan Fashion Cluster plans to participate in more than 20 national projects, among which the Postex project stands out. Postex plans to mobilise a new circular textile chain in Catalonia. There are also several pilot projects of experimentation with artificial intelligence applied to fashion product design or experimentation with technologies to implement the future Digital Product Passport.

During 2024, Modacc plans to continue supporting the transformation of the sector in terms of sustainability – to form more business opportunities internationally. One way is to support innovation in Catalan fashion through collaborations with other creative sectors, emerging technology companies and knowledge centres. Especially with a focus on digital transformation and the promotion of projects redefining the way fashion is conceived and experienced.

David Garcia, director of the Modacc Cluster, states:
— We are in a moment of exciting transformation. The new European regulations will promote a more sustainable fashion sector and digitalisation into a more competitive sector. The two aspects combined will facilitate the emergence of new business models and new forms of relationship with the consumer.