Modaac workshops/webinars supporting your business
April 3, 2024

The Catalan textile cluster MODAAC is presenting several workshops and webinars to support fashion and textile businesses. Here are a few in the near future.

April 4th: Boost your e-commerce with Moda Hub.
Moda Hub is an e-commerce analytics platform designed to help you understand exactly how your business is doing compared to the rest of the industry. With this tool, you’ll be able to see in real time how your e-commerce metrics compare to those of other fashion companies.
We invite you to join us next April 4 at 10:00 a.m. at the Modacc Offices to discover how Moda Hub can help you optimise your online presence and take your fashion business to the next level.  Register here (click).
If you cannot attend in person, you can connect remotely through the following link (click).

Two webinars in how to expand your fashion brand globally, by Agrupación
April 4th, webinar 1: Strategies for global expansion in the fashion sector.
We are looking into the importance of a solid plan and a clear strategy to penetrate the global market. From identifying trends to evaluating the viability of the internationalisation process, this session will give you the tools necessary to take your brand to new heights. Do not miss it! Register here (click).

April 11, webinar 2: International marketing of your fashion brand.
In this session, we will explore how to take your brand to the global fashion stage. From developing a unique value proposition to choosing target segments and selecting local partners, discover the key strategies to succeed in the international B2B market. Get ready to conquer frontiers and expand your brand like never before! Register here (click).

April 16th, webinar: Introduction to the Digital Passport in the fashion sector
In this webinar, we will explore the innovative concept of the Digital Passport and its relevance in fashion. The new European Ecodesign regulation is the great promoter of this tool, but it is a great opportunity that will provide a clear traceability of the value chain of each product, including its composition, and offer criteria to the consumer to guarantee a greater durability of the piece. Register here (click).