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June 21, 2023

To support the exchange of experience and the sharing of practices, ACTE suggests a new international project – The PIN. A project aimed at supporting nation-based, networking programmes for companies and students in the textile sector.

With The PIN, Acte suggests the organising of nation-based programmes in each of the territories that are part of ACTE. The programme is based on the experience from earlier collaborations, where integrated visits and events supported strategic networking.
Each programme host (one for each country) first gathers information on possible participants. After this a presentation of possible events, benchmarking visits, fairs, seminars, workshops, etc. is made. In the end, the programme makes sure that stakeholders both within each territory and between territories can participate.

This programme could foster business between companies in ACTE territories, as well as introducing students to the companies of the textile industry. There is also a possibility that these programmes will be platforms for strategic partnerships.

Plan and execution

  • Identification of needs for the local industry and academies.
  • Matching destination to the identified needs.
  • Planning of matchmaking activities/visits.
  • 4 programmes, one in each of the four ACTE countries: Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.


  • Promotion of both company competitiveness and local production systems.
  • Reciprocal opening of mutual markets.
  • Promoting of ACTE network to new members.