Press release - Meet the Rebelpin Fashion Awards winners!
October 20, 2022

Press release




… and the winners are…

Meet the Rebelpin Fashion Awards winners!

The last Wednesday, the final Show for the Rebelpin fashion awards was held. The gala was hosted by Fashion Portugal in Porto from all over Europe. The gala was broadcast from Portugal Fashion social media platforms.  At the end of the Show, Lisa Ivarsson of Sweden was named the winner of the Rebelpin Fashion Award by the jury.

The winner of the other award given (the popular vote award) was the designer Marta Costa, representing Portugal.

The professional jury scrutinized the participating collections from a certain viewpoint. The jury especially looked at eight criteria: 1. Authenticity and originality, 2. Design concept and quality, 3. Vision and fashion factor, 4. Pattern construction, 5. Creativity and craftsmanship, 6. Potential for commercial production, 7. Overall stylistic concept, and 8. The award theme Genderless, anywhere, anytime.

Each designer had the opportunity to present 3 outfits, in total 30 outfits were shown on the catwalk.

In the end, Lisa Ivarsson of Sweden was given the professional jury award.  An award, with a total prize of €5000, was announced by the vice Mayor of Santo Tirso Mr. Nuno. The jury motivation for the award to Lisa reads as follows:

“With a well-balanced democratic collection meeting the criteria’s of the contest experimenting with print shape and innovating in practical solutions the winner presented a collection to everyone anywhere anytime. Congratulation Lisa Andrea Ivarsson.”

The voting for the popular vote award was held on the ACTE website. The winner of the Rebelpin Fashion awards popular vote is Marta Costa, representing Portugal. She was given the award, including a total sum of €2000.

Many thanks to Fashion Portugal for hosting the show and to Santo Tirso for supporting Rebelpin production.



 The winners

 Lisa Ivarsson          

Marta Costa             

Acte network is the owner and producer of the Rebelpin Fashion award. ACTE brings together some thirty European institutions and municipalities, all involved in the fashion industry.

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