Spain: Supporting upcycling where people are
April 18, 2023

The DidalTruck is a free Repair & Reuse service, aiming to promote the prevention of textile waste. By support in how to sew, customise, and upcycle old garments the Didaltruck teaches citizens how to extend the life of pieces of clothing.

The non-profit Solidança is the organisation behind the Didal Truck. The truck is a mobile unit, offering a free self-repair service to promote the prevention of textile waste through upcycling and raising public awareness. The Didal Truck project teaches citizens how to extend the useful life of their clothes through repairs, upcycling, and sewing. The service provides both materials and the advice of a specialist. It’s operating in different municipalities in the Barcelona province. Using the internet, users can see a calendar to find where and when the service is available. There is also a booking page to pre-register a meet-up.

Easily meeting the goals
The Didal truck project have two distinct goals. The first is minimising textile waste, the second to build citizen awareness. It’s done by the simple task of teaching how to make smaller alterations as well as total transformation and upcycling techniques. But there are more, underlying goals. The fact that it is carried out in the street gives the idea public visibility. Knowing that such an option is up and running also increases the will to reuse and upcycling. And it makes it more accessible. But there are more thought behind this and other projects by the Solidança.

Solidança Mission
The non-profit organisation promotes social and labour training actions for groups at risk of social exclusion. It’s done through activities related to comprehensive waste management and the circular economy, as well as other activities that can help meet the social objective.
The Didal truck project is supported by the Agència de Residus de Catalunya and its objective is to promote waste prevention and environmental awareness.


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