Value chain Industrialisation Project in Catalonia
December 21, 2023

The textile and fashion industries of Catalonia join forces, in their efforts in promoting more circular fashion models. Six fashion brands and eight companies in the industrial sector start a project for the industrialisation of the post-consumer value chain of  recycled textiles.

The main objective for fashion brands is to be able to market products made with high quality recycled textile material. They want to find ways to replace virgin material with recycled material. At the same time, finding the most suitable strategies for every developed product. For brands that are fairly new to the world of circularity, a team of experts will advise and support them, into making eco-design a fully functional practice of their design teams.

Both fashion and producers
This project is held within the framework of the Circular Fashion Pact of Catalonia, and is supported by grant from the Waste Agency of Catalonia – the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda (DACC) of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Nine of the project partners are associated with the Catalan Fashion Cluster (Modacc).
The companies Mango, Boboli, Simorra, Sita Mur, System Action, and Yerse focus on including secondary material in their new collections.  This is possible through a collaboration throughout the entire value chain of the Catalan textile industry. The idea is to turn post-consumer textile waste into products for the open the market.

Developing processes
The industrial process to be developed begins with the collection of used clothing by Solidança. And sorting and classification using the Picvisa technology operated by Coleo. Afterwards, the clothes are shredded and made clear at Triturats la Canya. This leads to a spinning process, carried out by several companies such as Hilaturas Jesús Rubio, Hilosa, Pagès Valentí and Planafil. Finally, Textil BCH will be the company in charge of making the fabrics and the finishes will be carried out by Estampados DAMF, made at the Coleo company.
Dataambient, a company specialised in the field of waste, has also been a key player in the development of this initiative and will manage the industrial process of the project.

Pact for Circular Fashion
This project has been generated under the framework of the Pact for Circular Fashion in Catalonia, promoted by the DACC. The DACC aims to coordinate the efforts in the textile value chain in making the transformation towards a circular model

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