White paper - Design thinking - workshop
February 3, 2022

How do we increase the textile waste collection rate? How do we create awareness in citizens?
How can we create jobs and economic value from textile waste management?

This workshop is part of the project: White Paper on textile waste management; good practices indentification in european municipalities, funded by ACTE EUROPE.
The project seeks to identify the main needs, challenges and barriers that local governments have in the management of textile recycling. Then look for good practices related to them, so they can learn and apply practices arround Europe that have allready been tested.

The results of the workshop will help to shape the White Paper, so it can be usefull for technicians.

Participation benefits

  • Have a space to express doubts and needsto complywith the new legislation
  • Learn and knowgood practices in the textilewaste management.
  • Share worries with other European techniciansin the same situation


  • Identify the main concerns of municipalities of the textile waste management.
  • Get to know good practices from all over Europe.
  • Open a space for dialogue between waste technicians in European textile municipalities


  • Waste management technicians.
  • Environmental technicians.
  • Employment technicians
  • ACTE coordinators

17 february
10:00 to 12:30

Digital, register here: https://bit.ly/3ATQ6qA