Winner of Rebelpin 2021 - What happened after?
February 13, 2022

Interview with Lisa Ivarsson, winner of the Jury Price, Rebelpin Fashion Award 2021

How did it feel to win the Jury Prize in the Rebelpin Fashion award 2021?

  • It felt amazing, and it gave me a push to continue with my brand. It was like a confirmation that I was on the right course and should continue in this direction.

Tell us about the collection you made for Rebelpin

  • Granit collection that I made during the Native project was inspired by the granite stone that is common in the Swedish Westcoast. I spent all my summers there, and it is my paradise on earth. It is amazing to see the contrast of the dark sharp granite and the pink round and smooth granite, and all its lichen in vibrant colors growing all over the stones. Also, I used elements from climbers’ gear to give a sporty touch to the collection. Like all my collections, most of the garments are transformable or multifunctional, such as pants that can be both long or short, dresses that can be both black or printed, long or short, straight or fitted, and jewelry that also is beer-opener.

Did you do anything special with the prize you received or did it help you with something?

  • All prize money went to the making of my new collection, which will be launched in March! I have also employed a junior designer to help me with all work behind the brand, such as web, social media, sample making, and much more. Without the price money, I would not be able to invest money in my brand and its growth.

Rebelpin 2021 was a part of the project Native, what was it like to be part of the project? and what was the best thing you brought with you from that time?

  • Native project was a great opportunity to sharpen my skills and make a collection with the guidance of professionals. It was a perfect balance of practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge with the weekly webinars. The best part was to connect to designers from all over the world, and the photoshoot provided by REBELPIN was really good, and the pictures turned out amazing. Since the Prize in July, I have joined a Fashion community here in Barcelona, and we organize fashion events and private sales both on spot and all over Europe. I have also made a course in CLO3D and my new collection will exist both virtually and physically, so you can buy matching outfits for you and your avatar in metaverso.


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