White Paper on Textile Waste Management

Waste management can be an extraordinary challenge, as it also brings several opportunities. The fashion and textile industries within ACTE now offers you a run-through of good examples and successful collaborations all over Europe.

With the ACTE White paper we show how modern textile waste management can be done. With four different areas of waste management, this white paper tells you more about the opportunities in a sustainable and creative future. The White paper is an essential tool in achieving a climate neutral European textile and fashion industry no later than 2050. The main objective of this project is to provide municipalities  with knowledge on best practices related to domestic textile waste. This is important as textile waste management is mandatory for municipalities, starting 2025.

Four perspectives
The White paper on textile waste management shows well-functioning practices from across Europe. It depicts initiatives, actions, and innovations that have been examined and implemented across the continent. The White paper is divided into four specific areas as the paper shows initiatives within Collection, Sorting, Public Awareness, and Recovery. The conclusions and recommendations in the White paper identifies four perspectives: Waste Collection, Waste Classification, Public awareness, and Recovery.

FITEX of Spain has led the project, with the support of an experts advisory group. The framework for the project is the EU Waste Framework Directive and the EU holistic approach to sustainable development.

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White paper