Vote for the Rebelpin Fashion Awards 2022

A total of ten designers participate in the Rebelpin fashion awards 2022.
The final where all designers will show their creations at Portugal fashion award in Porto, 2022.


How to vote?

Below each designers name you find a vote button.
You can only vote once, as all IP-addresses and origin is tracked in the background – to prevent any kind of misconduct. To make it a surprise on the final day, we’ve decided to hide the numbers of votes each designer get. It is possible to vote on several designers.

Marta Costa


Marta Costa identity appears as an antagonism between a genderless punk aesthetic, combined with elements from her childhood. Her work is distinguished by the use of texts with protest messages, prints and attention to details. It is also common to find in the Designer’s work the construction of looks with overlays, creating layers of transparencies and textures that, when mixed with irregular ruffles, create a chromatic plasticity that is always different with each look

Creations of Marta Costa

Lisa Ivarsson

Lisa Ivarsson strives to make transformational and functional garments that can be used for all occasions. Since she started her brand in 2019 she has made 3 collections.
Shade collection can be worn to yoga, the office or to party. The print is the shadows of leaves on tones of skin. The jackets are reversible, and the dresses and jumpsuits are all transformable. Made with recycled material in BCN.


Creations of Lisa Ivarsson

Joss Blake


Joss Blake defines itself as “Cosmic Couture” the main concepts that create
the brand image are the cosmos, the entomology, the technology, the botanic and the industrial design. The main vision of the brand is to bring the future into the present.

GRVT-0 is a collection that invites you to imagine what it would be like to create fashion outside of our planet, with the novelty of the unknown.

Creations of Joss Blake

Ana Eusébio and Catarina Gonçalves

LESS buy.less is a brand created by two Portuguese women, Ana Eusébio and Catarina Gonçalves. LESS buy.less creates pieces that are filled with a deeper meaning, raising and sharpening awareness in those who exhibit them. It’s a
SUSTAINABLE BRAND built through CO CREATION , which concerns itself with its consumers and the world that surrounds it. LESS’s main goal is to fill a gap in the market for SOCIALLY AWARE fashion and to help different sectors through collaboration. It pledges to ONLY WORK WITH WASTE from the national textile industry, developing unique pieces through collaboration with the public.


Creations of Ana Eusébio and Catarina Gonçalves

Julia Åsberg

Julia Åsberg

No matter how you identify, STHLM MISC is your safe space for expression. Founded in 2021 from the question: “Why doesn’t unisex have as much heritage from womenswear as menswear?”, STHLM MISC shows fashion taking a stand in feminist and queer politics and breaks up with gender norms. STHLM MISC is a tribute to those who fall outside the framework, who refuse to be categorized – the miscellaneous.

Creations of Julia Åsberg

Mónica Águas Gonçalves

CA.RU.BA was born from the hands of Designer Mónica Águas Gonçalves, whose objective is to develop fashion collections based on the materials she creates and are born from her hands. The work is focused on natural materials that give life to local products, such as Carob. Being this “genderless” collection, carob leather is ideal for a unique and androgynous material.


Creations of Mónica Águas Gonçalves

Ana Rita Martins


Ana Rita Martins strives to challenge the construction of the pieces with sculptural silhouettes and optical illusions. Inspired by a modern look of heritage and couture, the designer aspires to explore fabrics with signature textures, and find new prints and pleated techniques. Now, presenting “Paper Shapes”, she revives her grandparents’ bakery’s history and its environment.

Creations of Ana Rita Martins

By Aleksandra Jendryka

Aleksandra Jendryka – fashion designer from Poland. I specialize in creating unique elements, garments and accessories mostly hand-made. Ecological and sustainable approach in designing process is extremely important for me.

The collection is inspired by corals, not only because of their unusual, beautiful form, color and structure, but because they suffer especially from global warming. This collection is an ecological manifesto to pay more attention for this problem and appeal to take action.


Creations of Aleksandra Jendryka

Joana Paulo Guimarães


As a designer, I specialize in creating versatile and deconstructed garments.
“FLEETING TIME” portrays the feeling of discomfort and restlessness of growing up.
It is essentially inspired by the chaos of the surreal sculptures of Haejin Lee.
As the collection progresses the silhouettes increase in volume, resembling the different stages of life, with more complex, asymmetrical and heavier pieces.

Creations of Joana Paulo Guimarães

By Jéssica Marques

Jéssica Marques believes that clothes are never stricked to a gender. Anyone who identifies, feels comfortable and likes them can wear them.
Functional, practical and comfortable are keywords to her designs.
This collection was inspired by Variações, a Portuguese singer and an artist “out of the box” for his time. A mix of casual sporty style from the 80s and a bold Color-blocking are present.



Creations of Jéssica Marques