Download your Circular Business Toolkit!
Download your own Circular Business Toolkit!
October 20, 2023

Now you can download a (digital) book that helps you when creating circular business models.

Science Park Borås, Sweden has collected years of experience, feasibility studies, science and projects in a book called: Circular Business Toolkit.  The book is created with the ambition to help companies that seriously wants to work sustainability issues and accelerate their transition to a circular and sustainable economy.

The textile and fashion industry is a very resource-intensive, with a large negative impact along the entire value chain. With designing for sustainability, you need to reinvent your perspective on materials, design, and business models. Science Park Borås (Sweden) has for many years researching remaking, remanufacturing, service innovation and circular business models. Here, in this book, they’ve collected several of their findings.

Download the Circular Business Toolkit here.

Front page of digital book named "Circular Business Toolkit"

(Text and images from Science Park Borås)

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