Intelligent Systems and Policies
Europe: Sharing innovative, local waste management solutions
November 23, 2023

To promote the use of innovative solutions for waste management, the European project WINPOL looked all over the continent for good practices. Practices, of which many still are up and running.

The WINPOL project was launched in 2018 to improve policies for waste management, promoting the use of intelligent equipment and planning derived of it. This all put together would then  significantly contribute to the waste minimisation in European cities and regions. In part because of improved management procedures and awareness campaigns.

Innovated locally
Most of the practices WINPOL categorised were applied locally. In the end WINPOL sorted the selected local projects under two different headlines. 1. “Use of data and technologies to optimise systems” and 2. “Innovative models”. Altogether, the WINPOL project showcase as many as 26 different local programmes, spread over 10 European countries.

The WINPOL Good Practices

Fostering modern tech
WINPOL was a European project, supported by the Interreg Europe programme. It fostered the use of intelligent equipment and policies in municipal waste management. Between June 2018 and the end of 2022, nine partners across Europe cooperated in the project. These partners came from Belgium, Romania, Greece, Spain, Slovenia, and Malta. The project was organised in two phases:

·      Interregional learning (2018-2020); where partners identified and exchanged good practices, conducted study visits, and incorporated their knowledge into actual action plans.

·      Implementation (2020-2022); where the partners put the knowledge acquired into action, monitoring their results, and shared solutions with other European cities and regions.

The Good Practices Guide
The project also published a digital document, called The Good Practices Guide. The guide gathers all the good practices selected by the WINPOL partners, separated into the two main categories.

Read more about WINPOL here
WINPOL invite you to explore these good practices, as they are available online on the project website.
And you can download the guide, by clicking here.

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