France: Supporting sustainability in the industry
June 21, 2023

Refashion of France has an ambitious mission. To make the textile, household linens, and footwear (TLC) industry in France 100 % circular. It’s ambitious because it involves the whole value chain. The idea is to establish the organisation as progressive, prone to dynamic partnerships and value creation. To all stakeholder in the TLC industry segment.

The eco-organisation Refashion is a private non-profit company. Its responsibilities include the prevention of waste and the management of end-of-service life of products for companies within the TLC industry. This could be done, says Refashion, by uniting and supporting all actors in the production value chain. This way they hope to reduce climate impacts, while at the same time creating business value.
Refashion helps, support and guides many stakeholders of the industry, including manufacturers, marketers, collection and sorting operators, local and public authorities, project owners, and the public.

Re-thinking our sector to make it 100% circular.

Supporting more than different 5,000 companies, Refashion works with the whole production value chain. The organisation offers tools, services, and information to facilitate and accelerate the transformation towards a circular economy. To do this, Refashion works with different platforms for different stakeholders:

  • Refashion Pro offers corporate information, including publications, webinars, studies, statistics, information on the regulatory framework. It also helps with material related to innovation, eco-design, and recycling.
  • Refashion Citizen, offering access to information on the reuse of textiles and shoes.
  • Eco design, a platform that supports production teams in the eco-designing of textiles and shoes, on all levels.
  • Recycle is a new professional brand platform that offers networking with strategic partners, involved in the recycling of textiles and shoes – both in France and the rest of Europe.
  • Refashion also have smaller platforms intended for Operators and Marketeers.

“Simple, accessible, understood by all”

Organisation goals
Renamed in 2020 (formerly known as the Eco TLC) Refashion has a web platform with access to the above-mentioned platforms. All specified for the separate groups of stakeholders, involved in waste management. The aim is both to encourage eco-design practices and keeping track of all the market-introduced clothes. The overall goal is to reduce the environmental impact, with the payoff Simple, accessible, understood by all. The goals are specified:

  • raising citizens’ awareness of good sorting practices
  • double the volume of TLC collected in the short term.
  • Increasing the proportion of TLC recovered (reused) during collection
  • support our members towards eco-design. By providing tools, services, and information
  • support local authorities in their Industrial Ecology of Territories (EIT) and with citizen awareness initiatives
  • support the transition to the circular economy, by financing innovative recycling projects
  • develop the recycling industry for non-reusable and non-recyclable used textiles, by supporting actors downstream.

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